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The Employee Advocacy Tool That Turns Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

What is Socialpubli Advocacy?

Discover all the opportunities behind our employee advocacy tool

SocialPubli Advocacy is a corporate communication tool that allows companies to turn their employees into their main brand ambassadors, which has a great impact on the company's reputation and image.

Among its many advantages, it also makes it easier for employees and partners who feel proud and identified with the company to share it with all their contacts on social networks. Because there is nothing more credible than someone who knows the company from the inside and voluntarily wants to share their pride in belonging and their passion for the company.


SocialPubli Advocacy is a platform with which it is possible to easily include a gamification component in your company. With it, you can establish a catalog of incentives or rewards that are available to your collaborators (employees, partners...) as long as they reach a certain number of points. These points will be obtained by completing various missions based on the dissemination of certain messages on social networks.

Could you imagine the potential reach of your communications if each of your collaborators contributes to its dissemination through their own channels?

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Companies are increasingly aware of the power of social networks and have begun to integrate employees into strategies, employee advocacy or employer branding that give employees the ability to participate in the dissemination of ethics and company policy. company.

Do you want to know what actions are carried out by companies such as AENA, Santander, Bankinter, CaixaBank, Ferrovial, Iberdrola, Mapfre and Repsol to integrate their employees into the communication of their social networks and how they achieve success?

Download our IBEX 35 Study of Social Networks for Companies and see what brands are doing to turn employees into their best allies and ambassadors.


What can be more credible than your employees speaking well of your brand? Employee Advocacy is a kind of marketing strategy that consists of converting the employees and collaborators of a brand into prescribers of this brand, humanizing it, enriching it and increasing the reach of its messages and communications.

Take into account that your employees already have profiles on social networks. And what is certain is that they reach communities that you probably do not.

Did you know that Julio, from accounting, has 2,000 followers on Twitter? Or that Juan, from IT, is a true instagramer? If each one of them contributed to spreading the messages of your brand, if they became your spokespersons, the reach of your communications would multiply exponentially.

In addition, an Employee Advocacy program provides guidelines, resources, and incentives. In other words, it unifies the way employees can share brand content and makes it easy for them to do so.


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By having our App downloaded, your employees can receive push notifications in real time to keep up to date with all the company events that you consider most relevant.

We can also design an exclusive version that fits with the social platforms where you have a presence, taking into account your communication needs and corporate image.

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So, no more excuses! Try Socialpubli Advocacy today and start giving a voice to your employees and collaborators.