Start leveraging the social power of your employees and collaborators.

Find the plan that best suits your needs. A basic plan is available, or we can help you design a custom plan to fit your needs perfectly. You have a free trial so you can get to know SocialPubli Advocacy. 


Start using all the advantages of SocialPubli 
  • 10 users limit.
  • Limited to 2 social networks
  • Basic statistics panel
  • 1 admin
  • Free iOS & Android App for users


$500 per month
Recommended for small businesses, communities, clubs, etc.
  • 50 users limit.
  • All social networks included
  • Basic statistics panel
  • Unlimited number of administrators
  • Customisable with company logos and colours
  • Free iOS & Android App for users


All the advantages of SocialPubli Advocacy, adapted to the company's needs
  • Custom price with a monthly Fee.
  • Custom number of users.
  • Adaptation of the statistical panel to the client's requirements.
  • Support for strategy and training included.
  • Free iOS & Android App for users

Companies that have implemented the Employee Advocacy strategy

Socialpubli Advocacy committed to good causes

Socialpubli Advocacy involved in doing good deeds in the world.

Therefore, we offer special discounts for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Frequent questions

  • How is the cost calculated?

    We have an initial setup fee where we adapt the product to the client's needs, including customized development if necessary. Then the monthly cost is based on the number of active users (collaborators invited to the platform who have agreed to participate in your brand ambassador program) and the plan that you have selected.

  • Can I have my own App?

    Yes, we can develop a fully customized version for your brand, with push notifications that will alert your employees about the company's news in a matter of minutes, on any mobile device.

  • Can I integrate my company’s intranet on Socialpubli Advocacy?

    Yes, it would be part of the initial setup in which we customize the product according to your needs.

  • Can I work with users who are not employees of my brand?

    Absolutely. You can invite whoever you want to join your ambassador program. They simply need to accept your invitation and they will become part of your internal communication team.

  • What social networks can I use for my campaigns?

    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Blogs.

  • How does the incentive program work?

    First, when you create an incentive on Socialpubli Advocacy, you will need to decide whether it will be for everybody, or only part of your team. Then, you decide if the incentive will be awarded by a drawing, if it will be a direct prize, or if it will be merit based for the collaborators who have shared the most often. And, you can assign a period of time during which the incentive will remain active. You can establish whatever incentive you want, and then deliver it personally to your collaborator when they win.

  • Can I establish different criteria in order to have different groups of collaborators?

    Yes, you can create groups of collaborators, and each collaborator can belong to one or several groups. A group is a concept by which you can categorize your team. For example, the “commercial” group would include your commercial team members, and the group “Madrid office” would have all the employees that work in the Madrid office. You simply need to decide how you want to classify your team and then communicate to each group the content you want them to share.