Show up on your employees’ social networks with SocialPubli Advocacy

Social networks are an essential component of today’s marketing toolkit. They not only help to increase brand recognition, but also improve brand loyalty and leadership. Social media brings your brand closer to its target audience and one key way to connect with that audience is by leveraging influencers.

Popular Instagram and Facebook users, for example, team up with companies to create and share branded content on their personal channels.

But what if your brand’s social ambassadors were also part of it? They would talk about the company from first-hand experience and this would make them even more credible. This is possible with SocialPubli Advocacy. It is a tool that empowers your company’s employees and collaborators to promote your brand.

How? Using their personal social networks. Imagine if all of your employees and collaborators used their social networks to promote the last product your company launched; if they published your company’s press releases on their blogs; or if they promoted your company on their personal Twitter accounts.

This is the kind of collaboration that SocialPubli Advocacy facilitates. Once a company signs up at, it can invite its employees to collaborate and reward them with incentives in exchange.

Campaigns can be launched on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and even blogs!

As you can see, everything is designed to reach as many people as possible. Register today and start benefiting from employee-driven social media advocacy.