Become a social ambassador for your company with SocialPubli Advocacy

If the company you work for has asked you to join SocialPubli Advocacy, congratulations! This means that they want to count on you to share news and content about the company.

How? Using the social media employee advocacy tool SocialPubli Advocacy, where employees become social ambassadors for their companies and receive incentives for their participation in campaigns.

It is very simple. The company opens a corporate account on the platform. Then, employees of this company (i.e. you) subscribe and add their social networks. Whenever the company launches a new campaign subscribed employees will receive an email alert to participate.

Become the voice of your company. Promote the brand and enjoy its success. You are the most valuable asset of your company and you should take advantage of that. Your company values your efforts and will also reward them.

On SocialPubli Advocacy, companies have the ability to create rewards for employees who publish their brand content on social media. Do you imagine getting an extra day off just for sharing your company’s latest announcement on Twitter? This is just an example, but the possibilities are endless.

Remember that your company needs you. When the organization succeeds, you succeed, too! So if you come across this opportunity, see it as a way to support your company, become an influencer, and grow your own personal brand as well.