What is SocialPubli Advocacy?

It is a tool that allows employees and collaborators of companies, institutions or organizations, to help spread and amplify the company’s good news, campaigns or activities.

Why SocialPubli Advocacy?

Because the main ambassadors of organizations or companies should be their own employees, who are aligned with the vision, values ​​and mission of the organization. Word-of-mouth messages from friends and colleagues are perceived as much more relevant and they inspire greater confidence than publications issued by corporate social accounts.

The content shared by employees generates eight times more interaction and links than similar content published in corporate profiles, and it is shared twenty-five times more (data from FastCompany.com).

This makes sense. If a message comes from someone from the same environment, it is usually more trustworthy.

Advantages of SocialPubli Advocacy

It encourages internal communication. It is the most agile way to share the achievements of organizations and companies with their employees and collaborators and to make it easy for them to share it in their own social environment. The platform itself contains tools to moderate (approve/deny) and monitor all the activity carried out and the impact it has had in social media. Likewise, monitoring will allow the company to follow its most active collaborators and reward their commitment and involvement.

Employees are the best ambassadors a brand can have. Their voice will reach further than any other, simply because of the confidence it inspires.

Take control!

As the charismatic communicator Charlene Li said, no one and nothing can hide from social media. These new communication tools have brought about very high levels of transparency. Therefore, if the employees and collaborators of the organization are aligned with its mission, values, objectives and, above all, if they are proud to be part of a great team, then SocialPubli Advocacy is a tremendous ally to share and amplify this pride of belonging and of a job well done.