Characteristics of SocialPubli Advocacy

A tool that focuses on employees as the main protagonists for the dissemination of corporate messages; an opportunity for companies, institutions and organizations to gain greater credibility and better reach on their social channels.

Why SocialPubli Advocacy?

Because credibility is the best demonstration for brands to be able to achieve success and for that they need truthful and authentic voices that convey their vision. vision and values.

Who are the right people to communicate the essence of an organization? They are undoubtedly its own employees, since their messages are perceived as much more relevant and inspire greater trust and closeness than publications issued from corporate social accounts.

Take into account that this content shared by employees is more attractive to read for users than that shared directly by the brand and allows the company to enhance interactions.

Advantages of SocialPubli Advocacy

With our advocacy tool you will not only increase your reach on social networks and improve your reputation, you will also turn your employees into a network of advocates, who share the vision and mission of the company.

Our platform contains tools to moderate and monitor all the activity carried out and the impact that the publications have had on social networks. Similarly, monitoring will allow monitoring of the most active collaborators, and reward their commitment and involvement.

In this way, you will be able to involve more employees of the company who want to use their social networks to speak well about the organizational culture and all the positive aspects of the company. It's a win win!

Share what you’re doing!

The diversity of communication channels that currently exist has provided very high levels of transparency and where we can tell how good we are doing. Therefore, if the employees and collaborators of the organization are aligned with its mission, values, objectives and are proud to belong to that great team, SocialPubli Advocacy will be a great ally to share and amplify that pride of belonging and of a job well done.